Rethinking your inking?

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At Tattoos Off, using our specialised laser, tattoos can be removed or faded for a cover-up

  • Highly professional laser tattoo removal - we'll take the time to talk you through the procedure to obtain the best results

  • Tattoos Off laser tattoo removal is a cost effective tattoo removal specialist in Surrey.

  • We can remove a tattoo you hate or fade it ready for a cover up.

  • Based in Leatherhead, Surrey -only 5 mins from J9 of the M25.

Can all colours be removed?

Black ink responds best to laser removal. Other colours that can be effectively removed or lightened are brown, dark red, dark green, dark blue and purple.  The most troublesome colours to remove are turquoise and light pastel colours. Stubborn colours can be substantially faded though to allow for a cover up. Things that can affect the degree of removal include the age of the tattoo, the type of ink used, your skin, depth of the application. We carry out a patch test on each of the colours in the tattoo you would like removed as a precaution and to see how each ink responds.

How many sessions will I need and how far apart are the treatments?

It depends. Most removal or fading need between 3 and 10 sessions, and it depends whether you are going for as complete a removal as possible or a fading prior to cover up.  

In most cases though multiple treatments will be required and unfortunately, the number of sessions isn't something that can be exactly determined during your consultation.  

This is crucial to the successful removal of your tattoo.  A downtime between each treatment of between 6 and 8 weeks is vital to allow your healing prior to the next treatment.  Applying a laser to the area too soon risks side effects like open wounds and skin irritation.  Everyone is different and you will be given advice on how to ensure the area is completely healed before your next treatment.  Patience is the key!

Frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal

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